Crowell And Associates, Inc. Disclaimer

Any audits or reports produced by Crowell & Associates, Inc. are created based upon the records and information as furnished by the insured or their representatives. Crowell & Associates, Inc. can not guarantee the accuracy of this information provided by the insured, and hereby expressly disclaims any liability associated with inaccurate, misleading or deceptive information so provided. Because we are committed to providing the highest quality auditing services, Crowell & Associates, Inc. will create a corrected report at no additional charge in the event of any error caused by one our associates.

Crowell & Associates, Inc. retains all rights to all work-product created. The use of any Crowell & Associates work-product is limited to the single purpose and party for whom it was created and distributed. All proprietary, confidential and privileged rights are expressly retained. Unauthorized copying, disclosure, distribution or dissemination is strictly prohibited.