About Our Company

We promise: Quality, Desired Timeliness, Fair Price, Agent Contact, Professionalism, and "Second Mile" Service


Our services are tailor-made according to customer specifications. We recognize that to meet your needs, we must meet your expectations. We consider a quality audit a "given".


Time service is very important to us and we work to handle according to industry standards but our goal is to average less. We understand this is a key priority for you.


Our pricing is competitive and fair. It is based on an hourly rate. With a guaranteed work volume or an exclusive arrangement, we also offer volume discounts.


Our business depends on agents selling and retaining business. We work closely with agents and always contact them with any issues during an assignment.


We recognize that our representative may be the only contact an insured has with your company. Our goal is to make that contact a positive experience by conducting a professional audit with a staff that is trained to value your relationship.


We consider ourselves partners with our customers. We are in constant contact with our customers to obtain consistent feedback. Our goal is to help our customers retain their customers.

Associates are carefully selected, trained and managed. Management maintains constant contact with all associates. Associates are encouraged to pursue the industry designations, as well as continuing education and participation in local, regional and national associations.

Crowell & Associates, Inc. is a subscriber to national organizations as well as involved with state insurance boards to stay on top of the latest changes and education in premium audit. Our staff has a long history of experience in the insurance premium audit industry. Management not only reinforces their professionalism, but also takes great pride in creating a quality service environment.


Management Team

Kelly Crowell, Alesha Crowell, Frank Cantu, Laura Thompson, Etta Pierce, Ron Carlo, & Sarah Lanier (not pictured)

J Kelly Crowell - President

Email: kelly@1888crowell.com

Frank Cantu - Sr. Vice President

Email: frank.cantu@1888crowell.com

Alesha Crowell - Vice President

Email: alesha@1888crowell.com

Laura Thompson - Manager

Email: laura.thompson@1888crowell.com

Etta Pierce - Manager

Email: etta@1888crowell.com

Ron Carlo - Manager

Email: ron.carlo@1888crowell.com

Sarah Lanier - Assistant Manager

Email: sarah.lanier@1888crowell.com