Frank Cantu - Sr. Vice President

Frank Cantu

Frank has been involved in the premium audit industry since the early 1980's. After attending Richland Jr. College, and then The University of Texas at Dallas, Frank began his premium audit career with Crowell & Associates, Inc. in 1982 as a field auditor. Having worked for Jim Crowell and with Kelly Crowell for four years, he left to start his own company. In 1986 Frank and his wife started Cantu, Inc. This is where he feels he learned the importance and responsibilities of customer relationships. As a small startup company, Frank was involved in all aspects of the business, that included sales, customer service, and auditing, as well as administrative issues. Frank feels that many lessons were learned dealing with customers, insureds, and yes, even some agents. Frank feels that knowledge gained from experience is as important, if not more so, than lessons learned in the classroom. He operated his company for almost ten years and then brought his experience back to Crowell & Associates, Inc. in 1996. As Sr. Vice President of Crowell & Associates, Inc., Frank is involved in all phases of the company. Customer relations are what he considers his top priority. Along with customer service, he also oversees the audit staff.

Frank has served in the board of the National Society of Insurance Premium Auditors as a Regional Vice President. He has also served on the board and been President of the Insurance Auditors Association of the Southwest.

Frank has two sons, Cole and Connor. Hobbies and interests include riding his motorcycle and being involved with both his boys and their activities. He is an avid sports fan who enjoys watching, and participating in various sporting events.